Beautiful Tragedy

Wow! It’s been a while since my last post here. I just want to share this poem that I wrote almost 2 years ago. I am not posting this because I still have the same feeling, or as if I am still suffering from the same pain. I am sharing this because I know that I am now ready to let it out and I am now enjoying what life has given me. I want to share this to everyone because I know, somewhere, someone is also suffering from the same pain I’ve been through. And I want you guys to know that there’s no shortcuts to moving on. But there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Happy reading!

Dog House Café

Manila, Philippines- My hometown is in Bulacan. That’s 30 minutes to an hour drive from the Metro. I love being away from the city. I just enjoy the silence of being away from the crowd. Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about my hometown is because of this café that we visited. It’s called Dog…


The process may be hard. It will hurt you a lot. The scars may go deep deep down to the core of your heart. But baby, the result is absolutely worth it. You just have to endure the pain of it. Soon you’ll be fine, like the flower that blooms on spring time. -IIOV (written on…

Morning Feels

I can still feel the cold air running through my spines,

The smell of the morning dew that keeps me energize,

The newly awakened birds chirping as they fly,

While unfolding God’s words that bring direction to my life.

Full of gratitude, remembering those who came, even those who said goodbye,

How peaceful it is to look at the morning sky,